Robertson Payne Privacy Statement

Last updated: March 2019

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement outlines what personal data we currently collect, how it's used and managed, and how a copy can be requested.

Personal data collected

Personal data is collected primarily via the Contact us web form, though other channels such as telephone and e-mail exist. The currently stored information (not all of which is personal) is:

Attribute Requirement
Given name Mandatory
Surname Mandatory
E-mail address Mandatory
Phone number Optional
Organisation Optional
Position Optional


As we only accept account transfers (i.e. direct transfer to a BSB-account number), we do not request or record any form of payment details.


The data collected above is currently only stored in an e-mail system as a shared contact, though this means it also features in backups of the mail system.

All data collected above is stored exclusively on systems within Australia.

Personal data usage

The personal data listed above is solely used to be able to contact you in relation to the conduct of business. It is not provided to anyone (inside or out) for any purpose other than this, with the exclusion of where we're legally obliged to do so to comply with Australian state and federal legislation.

Your data is not shared by us with entities outside of Australia, period.

Management of data

If you wish to make changes, please contact us via telephone (as per the Contact us page) and quote your welcome PIN (from your welcome e-mail). We don't accept detail change requests via e-mail.

If we become aware that a contact has moved on from the organisation against which they registered, we will remove the shared contact entry.

Requesting stored data

In context, this generally only relates to e-mails.

An export of the e-mails relating to yourself (and only yourself) can be reqested from us. After taking steps to authenticate the request, we will provide a password-protected full export of e-mail correspondence in Microsoft Outlook PST format (compressed) only. It is your responsibility to arrange for any subsequent conversion to other application formats or hard copy production.

Should there be a need for paper-based business-related correspondence, it will be retained for the legislated period before being disposed. As with the e-mail process, once a request has been authenticated, a password-protected soft copy can be provided.


This is an easy one: we don't use them. At all.